Lavar Ball is an advertising genius

The company is comprehensively developing and improving without outside help. It releases new items, makes announcements, expands range of its branded clothing. A feature of the company is shoes with engraving.

LaVar Ball shares his product launches on social media so that his products reach widest possible audience. After launch of a new product, Big Baller fans can get it under certain conditions through sweepstakes. Those who wish can take part and win the coveted product that is not on sale.

A prime example is brand’s shoe giveaway in Hong Kong, where founder personally raffled off the shoe line. The conditions were simple: buy one of the new products and automatically participate in the draw. This method allows you to quickly distribute a new product and win a branded item for free.

The founder is about to sign a BBB contract with young basketball players. We are talking about 40% of the company’s sales, will go to players. This increases incentive to work effectively on the playing field and prospects of the team, self-confidence. If method shows itself positively, in the future this is the main point when concluding a contract.

The contract terms have not yet been determined, only in a trial format. The owner said: “If you want to earn money, know how to invest.”

The company often organizes sales of old collections. Boys who go to professional basketball strive to wear quality branded clothing. Students are bragging on social media that they bought a branded T-shirt for $5, which cost $80 before promotion.

Big Baller brand contribution to society

He came up with a good branding tactic – he created his own JBA basketball league. It acts as an alternative to college basketball for high school graduates. All expenses for uniforms, flights and transport are paid by the crew.

But the first condition is to dress exclusively in the Big Baller brand. The crew pays between $3,000 and $10,000 to low-income players on their team.

After these actions, the Big Baller trademark was supported by professional basketball players in the NBA. The first person to wear round shoes was professional athlete Jordan Crawford. He issued a statement: “I support the trademark because it benefits young people.”

The famous rapper Chihuavo also supported the company. But press writes – celebrities are bribed for PR. There are cases when the Big Baller company distributes uniforms to children from low-income families, and equips gyms with sports equipment. Brands like this will always have envious people because they do something brave.

The downside is poor customer service. Customers wait for orders for weeks. Baseball star John Adams said he received the sneakers a year after ordering.

The main factor is satisfied customers who build a profitable business.