Sport is an integral part of a person

Sport is a complex of physical exercises maintain the shape of the body spiritually and physically. There was only the superiority of the physical form between people: who is faster, more enduring, stronger. Everyone has long forgotten about the elementary warm-up and physical exercises, which can be given 15-20 minutes a day.

The 21st century is a period for sports and longevity. Society wants to extend its life as long as possible. It has been proven all over the world that sport is the main engine of life extension. Sport surrounds a person from birth and pursues all his life. A person himself chooses to connect his life with him and remain for long healthy years, or to strive and please laziness.

You can’t leave sports behind now. You can share your achievements in sports with friends, set records and earn good money. Each time a person goes in for sports, he improves the physical capabilities of his body.

Physical education develops the knowledge of human capabilities and the realization of one’s potential. The body is not fully understood, there are many abilities that are not yet known. From the moment you see the first results, it is addictive like a drug.

You will constantly want to improve in order to become perfect. This lesson unites the society with common achievements, fans, team athletes. If there is no desire to become an athlete, do physical education for your body.

Why do people play sports?

For some, this is like a hobby and elementary support for physical fitness for purpose in order to their body. After all, everyone wants to look their best. All physical exercises are aimed at strengthening body and its development, which is a modern fashion.

A sedentary lifestyle will only lead depression, irritation and apathy. This activity is relevant for people who want to overcome themselves and become better. Scientists have proven that exercise will lead following positive results:

Improved health status. Systematic loads improve brain activity, speed up metabolism, prevent premature aging of the body;

Weight stabilization. Regular exercise leads to weight loss. Going in for sports, food ceases is a cult, but serves only as a source of energy;

Great mood. The surge of strength that physical exercise gives normalizes emotional state of the body. If you have a bad mood, remove it with physical activity;

Self-esteem. Classes help a person become the best version of himself, increase self-esteem and self-confidence. It is thanks sports that they set records and build their careers against all odds!

Interest in sports activities

People who have gone through “school of sports” are convinced that sports helped them to develop faith in their own strengths and capabilities, as well as ability to use them. Sport teaches to make sacrifices in order to achieve goal. Lessons learned by young athletes on sports field, then, help in life.

Many of athletes claim that it was sport made them a person capable of being a person. Through sport, principle of modern life is realized – “to count on oneself.” This means that achievement in order success depends, first of all, on personal, individual qualities: ambition, initiative, diligence, patience, strong-willed skills.

During period of international competitions, championships or olympiads, interest in sports increases several times. Inspired by success of athletes, their achievements and energy, people begin to play sports.

On eve of the start of the World Cup, almost everyone is interested in football and sports news. Even people who are far from physical activity periodically look at sports-themed websites to keep abreast of all events.

Topical sports around the world

Football is in first place in the world ranking. He has not yielded his niche to anyone for many years. Absolutely every inhabitant in order around earth to play or became a fan of football. Such a game does not require grandiose skills and equipment, even small children play it.

The goal is even imaginary and one ball will give a storm in order to emotions. In favor of the fact that football is the most popular sports game in the world, money also speaks. The top three highest paid athletes in the world, according to Forbes, includes two footballers at once: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The second niche in the world ranking is hockey. Spectacular and dangerous game. Takes second place due specifics of game: cruelty, danger, and emotionality. Inferior to football due to inaccessible conditions that are required for game: ice, equipment, skates.

Volleyball. A popular game even among amateurs. Universal, which can played in any convenient place and with any surface: sand, water, field, grass. The main goal of game is keep ball in the air as long as possible without touching ground. Volleyball is the most common sport in the world, as evidenced by one simple fact: there are 222 volleyball sports federations in world.

For comparison, in football, which is undoubtedly considered number one sport, the main international organization FIFA includes 211 federations.

Despite its prevalence, there is not as much finance in volleyball as in football or hockey: only broadcasts of Olympic Games and World Championships have a high rating.

Basketball. Actual game among youth. It is played by friends, acquaintances, and athletes, even in an ordinary courtyard in one ring, in order spend their leisure time with health benefits. Most of all basketball stars come from street. Previously, no one could have thought that an ordinary boy from street could become a professional basketball player with a successful career.

The main league of basketball is the American NBA, which attracts the most fans around the world. Three NBA clubs are among five most valuable teams in world at once: the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors.