Cheating has no place at the Big Boller brand

Why are there so many haters and envious people around the brand? All because company has chosen an honest path without any fraudulent actions for its promotion. As Big Baller Brand moves to the next level of their career and rapidly releases new professional athletes.

Founder does not want to sully his reputation with such unworthy deeds. There is another side of the coin – the scammers themselves. They create fake pages under the name of the company in order to defraud consumers of money.

A striking example of this is recent news from Italy when the third division club Frata Nardo announced a partnership with the Big Boller brand, which includes supply of equipment for athletes including May, shorts with the brand’s logo.

Such news on network was swept up in time by administration of the company itself, and quickly contacting the Frata Nardo club, it turned out that had become a victim of fraud. A big role was played by the fact that in fake website it was written that this company had opened in Europe.

So constant monitoring of sports news saved the company from a dirty reputation. As they said in an interview, they set matter in motion in order deal with such ill-wishers in order to prevent such situations in future. Before spreading any news, you need to check it a hundred times, make sure of its veracity.

Features of the Big Baller website for detecting scammers

There are versions that fraudulent activities are carried out on order in order to tarnish the reputation of Lavar Ball. Lawyers of company are accustomed such situations and constant hatred from ill-wishers or envious people, situation is considered deliberate.

But they weren’t attacked. For too long, the brand has earned its reputation honestly. He expressed his reaction with the following words: “in order to contact us, use only official information. We have no branches. Filter all suspicious information. All official information can viewed on official website of the brand.”

The company is entering new markets, but such opportunities are under development. As soon as this option becomes possible, organization officially notify the general audience. Other information should not trust.

When a company is self-promoting, founder Lavar Ball personally presents his logo without any other intermediaries. Despite fact that yellow press is trying in every possible way to make money on the Lavar company, providing false information, the brand is only flourishing and gaining momentum in its direction.

In future, the name heard in all corners of the world and every NBA athlete will be wearing the Big Boller organization.