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Big Baller Brand Water Will Make LaVar Ball a Billionaire Very Soon


While some people continue to hate on Big Baller Brand CEO, LaVar Ball, the game that he is playing continues to be proven that he is far more advanced than his adversaries. The chess match that ensued last year continues to be won by LaVar as others continue to play a child’s game. Recently, the Big Baller announced a partnership with Lithuanian water company Birstonas Mineral Water in which the all-natural bottled water company will be distributed in the U.S. with the Big Baller Brand label attached to it. This move, just like the many moves he’s already made, will be unprecedented as no current athlete has dared to step into the deep waters of the bottled water industry.

While speaking with Lithuanian site LaVar had this to say (translation provided by, “Which NBA player is advertising water? No one,” said LaVar. “Everyone in the US is for some reason too proud for water campaigns. There are energy drinks that get advertised, but no one even thought about water.”

While most athletes endorse companies such as Gatorade and Powerade, the only superstar currently associated with anything close to water is Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry, who is endorsing Brita, who specializes in water filters.

This hearkens back to when 50 Cent was selling his Vitamin Water, and eventually sold it for 4.1 billion dollars to Coca Cola. The market for water is so high it is unfathomable as to why so many athletes have not thought of this — until now — when Big Baller Brand Water will be available in the states for consumption. As of 2017, the sales for bottled water is well over 7 billion dollars for U.S. brands.

While the haters continue to pray for the downfall of the Ball’s, LaVar is cashing in and laughing all the way to the bank, continuing to show that this is chess, not checkers. Checkmate.

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