Water from Lavar Ball turns into millions of dollars

LaVar Ball is not only a basketball legend and founder of unisex teams. But consciously he created his own brand of water called Big Baller. This proves only one thing, that he is always one step ahead of his rivals both in basketball and in everyday life.

We can safely emphasize that he is a multifaceted personality. While others are thinking about how to jump over, he has already figured out how to get around the obstacle.

After studying the market for advertised products by athletes, came to the conclusion that water should be promoted. Such a product is always in demand, especially for athletes to maintain water balance. He was inspired to such an act by the world-famous rapper 50 cents, who created his own brand of vitamin water.

At the height of his brand, he sold it for $4 billion. Such facts indicate how smart and advanced athletes think about their activities and earnings after the end in order to their sports career.

LaVar Ball made an announcement that drink is not the only product that will be on shelves under his name. It is planned to produce personal hygiene products for athletes. This is a new breakthrough in branding, which is used by a few.

The main problem remains to find quality products and suppliers. The words that came out of his mouth “We are for the quality, not quantity of the product.”

Big Baller brand promotion

Despite the fact that haters put spokes in the wheels of the basketball star, and competitors do not believe in the Big Baller brand, he is slowly but surely moving towards his goal. And his attempts are crowned with success because he has already gone through a thorny path from a street basketball player to a professional.

The latest news that the Big Boller company has been pleased with is the conclusion of contracts with the Lithuanian company for production of drink exclusively from artesian wells, with all licenses. Because the quality is the key to successful profits.

The Lithuanian company Birstonas Mineral Water is also warmly welcomed such an offer, which will help the company reach a new level of production. Big Baller has affixed his trademark to products and officially distributes their products under his own brand. LaVar Ball became the first NBA athlete to advertise his brand of drink as well.

As statistics show, the sale of bottled drink in the United States is growing exponentially every year. While the dependents hate Lavar’s success, he calmly goes to bank and takes his honestly earned day while drinking some drink from his brand. This is how basketball legend proved that after the end of a sports career, you can successfully secure your old age under your own name.

He chose the right elementary way in his earnings because every year there is less and less clean water on earth.