First JBA game under the LaVar Ball brand

The JBA debut league season recently ended with the Los Angeles Bollers winning. Players were rewarded with an amazing prize – the 2018 ATC Cadelak of the Year, which was put on display at the entrance to the arena to serve as motivation to win.

This league created by Lavar Ball debuted with a successful result. The founder has created all the proper conditions for students and young children. Such an introduction will help beginners and students to become professional basketball players.

Thanks to Lavar and his organization, the number of professional athletes will increase, which will popularize relevance of basketball, which is so active in demand in their network.

The media discussed the event in every possible way, and despite success, they still found something to overshadow such a debut. Recently, Cycle’s Thomas Duffy published in the Bleacher Report where former Los Angeles Bollers athlete Brandon Philips had a claim against the JBA for financial reimbursement for travel and food expenses. Lavar’s reaction was not long in coming.

His opinion is that he does not want to condemn this young man and considers him is influenced by information from media or third parties in order to earn money. The attitude in order to founder of league to athlete is very good and competent.

He thinks Philips is a great player who knows his stuff. But the world is cruel and maybe he has a grudge against being on bench. Lavar said: “Even travelers pay for their food and their own expenses out of their own pocket.” Focusing on fact that he cannot take on personal expenses in order to each athlete.

Denial of libel with JBA members

The administration of league took full responsibility for accommodation of players. The most common rumor that many media outlets have heard is that players were paying for their luggage during away matches.

But this is only a slander of haters because everyone knows that ticket price also includes the carriage of luggage in amount of hand luggage. If you had to pay for luggage, then in cases where tickets are without luggage.

In such cases, administration took checks and reimbursed cost of the ticket. Lavar Ball does not deny fact that the league is not perfect, but all shortcomings are constantly taken into account and monitored in order to reach a professional and decent level of a basketball career.

And if the guy has a confirmed loss due to the fault of the JBA, then the administration will reimburse all the damage.

As open sources say, Lavar has a lot of competitors who want to drive him into a swamp. All because he is a worthy opponent and a man who knows his business. The JBA League completely supplanted college basketball and became a replacement for the NCCA due to its massive popularity.