Fresh Sports Talk (originally The Fresh Report) has now been in operation since the spring of 2014. Upon starting this, Editor-in-Chief and Founder Brandon Williams had a vision to bring readers into his mind of sports from a perspective not heard from the masses. As a lover of sports, Brandon has always had a passion for making his voice heard among family, friends, and strangers who in turn share that same desire to discuss their favorite sports teams and topics.

This is exactly what Fresh Sports Talk was created for. Many times fans feel so far removed from the athletes and the teams they follow that it seems their voices are never truly heard. Here at Fresh Sports Talk, readers should expect to read thought-provoking material as we break away from the typical sports site to bring engaging content from the fan’s perspective as well as allowing continuous conversation and debate.

In case you’re wondering why the site is titled “Fresh Sports Talk”. Basically, “Fresh” is the nickname of the Founder, (Brandon) and most of his friends refer to him by that through conversation. It was only apropos to name this site “Fresh” being that many sports sites are fly-by-night and only reproduce recycled material from somebody else. Everything read, every opinion is 100 percent authentic and comes from the mind of Brandon and the other writers.

As a 2007 graduate of The University of Alabama, Brandon was unsure of the path he was set to lead. Sports however, has always been an outlet and since that time he’s coached little league baseball, high school basketball on the varsity level, and middle school basketball as well. While this site aims to please its readers by giving them the truth, there may be times the truth hurts and that is something the writers here are unafraid to dish out.

So, come along and follow an up-and-coming sports site that is sure to grow into something special. Readers will not be disappointed with the content and the more input, the better as this is meant to be inclusive and open for all fans to debate and discuss. Join in!