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Where is former Chi-Town Legend and JBA Star Kezo Brown? We have the Answer


Where is Kezo Brown? This is the question everyone has been asking and one many of his fans have been clamoring for answers.

If you have been following Kezo for just this past year, the question is almost akin to the “Where’s Waldo” phenomena that took every teen and pre-teen by storm in the late 90’s. The former Simeon High School legend and JBA League alum has had quite the year — and I don’t say that lightly.

Kezo was supposed to be the next great to come from Simeon. With the likes of Derrick Rose and Jabari Parker paving the way, Kezo was well on his way to continue the pipeline from prep, to big-time college ball, and on to the NBA.

However, there was a different path for Kezo, and while unconventional, has led him to where he is now.

So, where is Kezo Brown? He’s doing quite well at the moment living in China and playing professionally in China’s Wildball League. Wildball is a growing underground league in China for ex-pro players who want to continue playing the game they love in a different environment. The games are tournament style and played outside in front of sold-out crowds.

Now, you may be asking as to what led Kezo to be a part of an underground basketball league. Well, the answer has a few layers to it, and once I’ve uncovered them, it should bring some clarity to this situation.

Kezo Brown Post game interview with JBA commentator Brandon Williams

Kezo Brown thanks his hometown fans for showing up in support after a huge 46-point performance. Photo by David Chisholm – JBA League

First, let’s start with the JBA League. Kezo was a star in LaVar Ball’s inaugural season of the JBA League this past season playing for his hometown, Chicago Ballers team. His shining moment came when he dropped 46 points in front of his home crowd at Wintrust Arena in thrilling fashion. Unfortunately, that moment didn’t last too long as Kezo elected to leave the JBA for what he thought was greener pastures in France.

From France, it was supposed to be a tryout with the Chicago Bulls G-League affiliate, the Windy City Bulls. That did not transpire and Kezo found an opportunity with the Illinois Bulldogs of the ABA.

Keeping up with Kezo’s whereabouts was quite the journey, but it was all for a purpose. In speaking with Rise Above Agency, which is Kezo’s representation, the avenue in which the Chinese basketball culture could offer was too much to pass up.

“Players of Kezo’s caliber are treated very well here. Wildball companies pay high-caliber players between $5,000-10,000 every two weeks.”

In addition to a nice payday, all lodging, food, and expenses are covered for Kezo, which includes a three-bedroom, fully furnished apartment. Not only that, there are talks of a potential shoe deal with the apparel companies in China who love players of Kezo’s stature.

The future appears bright for Kezo as he poured in 41 points in his debut recently, which included 8 3-pointers. The Wildball League can open doors such as joining the National Basketball League (NBL), China’s professional minor league, as well as the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), which former NBA star, Stephon Marbury has flourished for years.

As things stand now, Kezo appears happy and ready to continue on his path to being a professional and one day make it to the NBA. In the meantime, he’ll be seeking to show why he was considered one of the best in the nation as he makes a name for himself in China.

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