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LaMelo Ball is the Ultimate Trendsetter for American Basketball and Sports


In life, there tends to be the typical urge to fall in line with the status quo. Going against the grain takes guts and a level of brashness most are unequipped for. Unless you are LaMelo Ball.

For as long as he can remember, LaMelo has been primed for greatness and setting the standard of the new wave. As a toddler, while most six-year-olds were playing in sandboxes, LaMelo was on the hardwood playing against boys twice his size — and age.

That’s right. Picture your little brother, son, nephew, cousin — whoever — in kindergarten being pushed around by middle schoolers in an athletic contest. This was LaMelo’s reality for years, which prepared him for what he’s facing now 10 years later.

Last year, LaMelo shocked the world by announcing his own signature shoe and clothing line featured on his family’s Big Baller Brand apparel company. The thought of a teenager — who had yet to dribble a ball in a professional setting — could dare do the unthinkable, sent shock waves around the world. Not even Miley Cyrus came through like a wrecking ball such as this.

From there, that figurative wrecking ball continued to knock down barriers and walls as LaMelo withdrew from Chino Hills High School to play professionally overseas in Lithuania. This move made him the first American basketball player to go pro, possibly opening doors for others to venture out and do the same.

LaMelo Ball at practice with BC Vytautas in Lithuania

In January of 2018, LaMelo Ball became the youngest American basketball player ever to turn pro.

Now, just recently, LaMelo became the face of the Junior Basketball Association, a professional league created by his father, LaVar. With the pressure of being the league’s Marquee Player, LaMelo delivered the only way he knew how by averaging a monstrous triple-double of 40 PPG, 13.8 RPG, and 11 APG. All the while helping to lead the Los Angeles Ballers to the first ever JBA League Championship.

And today, LaMelo turns 17. Another year down, and more years to go to continue to set new trends and marks for generations to come. What’s next for LaMelo Ball?


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