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LaMelo Ball is Shaping up to be a Force in the JBA League and Beyond


LaMelo Ball is ready to breakout. With missing his junior year in high school to play professionally in Lithuania, many basketball fans in America have been waiting to see the last of the Ball boys compete. While the overseas experiment was overall a success, LaMelo was essentially tucked away and hidden by a coach who was afraid to think outside the box.

Now, back under the supervision of his father, LaVar, LaMelo is primed to let loose in the newly founded JBA League as a member of the LA Ballers.

If you followed LaMelo during his time at Chino Hills, you saw a flashy, funky-haired showman who was capable of putting up points (92 in one game), and shooting from beyond 40 feet.

Fast-forward to now, LaMelo has ditched the hair, and is no longer the 5-foot-8 freshman, or 6-foot-2 sophomore you’re used to seeing. No, LaMelo is every bit of at least 6-foot-5 and is beginning to show a frame that may very well be a mixture of Lonzo and LiAngelo (more so on Lonzo) by the time he’s fully filled out.

As I stood by him recently, I noticed the broad shoulders that college coaches salivate over. I saw the long arms and legs that are no where close to finishing in terms of growth. At 16 years old, LaMelo could very well sprout another two to three inches making him a 6-foot-8 supremely gifted freak of nature by the time he’s ready for the NBA Draft.

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But first, he’ll get his shot in the JBA League where a host of overlooked players are starving at the chance to go toe-to-toe with the only teenager to have his own signature shoe — with a clothing line to match.

He will for sure be the face of the league and put himself back on the radar for professional teams looking for a talented point guard who can score in a variety of ways.

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