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The Realness of LaVar Ball is for Real


Authenticity in today’s society appears to be a lost art. With so many people aiming to impress and please the masses, staying true to ones self often gets placed aside for the sake of being liked.

For LaVar Ball, none of this applies.

It has now been over a year that the boisterous, loud, affable, and tell-it-like-is man that is LaVar burst on the scene. From the moment he opened his mouth to let the entire sports world know his son was better than two-time MVP and NBA champion, Steph Curry — his fame and notoriety has continued grow, and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Since that time, the flood gates have opened to where any, and every word that comes from his mouth, is scrutinized to the nth degree — and constantly judged for doing one thing, and one thing only — keeping it real.

Now, for some, this is too much to handle. The mere notion of speaking one’s mind — especially in a situation that typically receives a politically correct response — is enough to cause weak-minded individuals to transform into a character to make those around them feel comfortable. For LaVar, that’s just not going to happen.

He prides himself on being real and whether you like it or not, he’s going to speak his mind and voice his opinion no matter how anyone takes it. This is the sort of thought process that has made him into one of the most polarizing personalities we’ve seen in the past year. But that has not, nor will it stop LaVar from being who he is.

In order to get an accurate depiction on this story, I was able to spend some time with the Big Baller just to confirm my already preconceived notions on this topic in person. For months, I’ve lauded the way LaVar has gone about his business in promoting his family and bringing to light the failures many athletes have allowed by not investing in themselves.

The creation of the Big Baller Brand may go down in history as the single most influential company that sparks a new trend of athletes spurning the big shoe companies by creating their own individual brands with apparel included.

This past weekend, I ventured to the west coast to get an up-close-and-personal feel for the business, the family, and most importantly, LaVar. What I found was quite refreshing.

First, I was able to tour the Big Baller Brand headquarters to get a little insight as to how their apparel is setup and their shipment procedures. While doing so, it was easy to spot that the warehouse was filled with merchandise and packaged to where shipping is a seamless process to reach the expected consumer.

Next, I traveled to the “Ball Estate”, which is when I stood toe-to-toe with LaVar as he greeted me with a big smile and handshake, and even threw in some trash talk. While approaching me, as he hovered with his 6-foot-6 frame, he blurts, “Oh, so this the dude I need to rough up!” As the room erupted with laughter, he shook my hand again and made it a point to introduce himself to the other members I was there with.

Immediately, it is easy to spot out LaVar’s physical presence. He commands the room instantly with his size, but the aura around him is what commands the attention of the room. He prides himself in being a boss, but he doesn’t have to announce it. You sense it. You can feel it. He is the Big Baller, and he’s not interested in playing games, but getting down to business at all times.

During a meeting he conducted with members of a panel, he laid out his vision of how he wanted the newly founded JBA League to operate. He stated his thoughts on the important matters, and did so clearly, and explicitly — leaving zero room for doubt or confusion.

After that, he challenged yours truly to a game of pool, seemingly bored with the thought of doing more meetings — therefore, a change of pace was due. During our game, he quickly got into game mode and the trash talking ensued. As he maneuvered past the Facebook camera crew — often telling them to move out the way — he was able to take me down and let me know a victory was not to be had on his home turf.

In the end, it was evident that what you see is what you get with LaVar. He’s been featured on numerous shows. He’s done countless interviews. And each and every time, he has been the exact same person, whether you hate it or love it.

Additionally, LaVar doesn’t shy away from his upbringing of being born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles. Not only that, he embodies many of those same traits that endear him to so many people who come from similar backgrounds. That’s why so many ride with him, and advocate on his behalf.

LaVar is as real as it gets. You don’t have to like it, and he doesn’t care. But if you’re fake, it’s best to stay away from him. He’s allergic to the rooty pooh’s, and he’ll quickly let you know that.

Real recognizes real, and LaVar would rather be authentic and disliked, than to be fake and loved. Deal with it.

Brandon Williams is the Editor in Chief for Fresh Sports TalkYou can follow him on Twitter @TalkinWithFresh, or “Like” him on Facebook.

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