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Today Marks One-Year Anniversary of Lonzo Ball Dropping his Zo2 Signature Shoe


It’s been a full year since the madness that was created by LaVar Ball and son Lonzo. On May 4th of 2017, the two combined to shock the world by sidestepping the big shoe companies by being the first ever player to have their own signature shoe — before even being drafted.

For those who are unaware, the Big Baller Brand clique rolls a tad bit differently than the norm. While the entire world was laughing at the thought of a 19-year-old unsigned rookie creating his own shoe — it turns out Lonzo, LaVar, and Big Baller Brand as a whole has had the last laugh.

Today will forever go down as a day in history where someone bold enough to bet on himself and do the unthinkable, dared to break away from conventional wisdom to do something bigger than himself. For that, and that alone, today will be dubbed Zo2 Day from now until forever.

The next Zo2 signature is expected to be released before the start of the 2018 NBA season. For current fans of the shoe, which colorway is your favorite so far? Leave a comment below.

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