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LaMelo Ball to be the Face of the JBA League Per LaVar Ball


It’s over. LaVar Ball and Vytautas have parted ways, and the relationship appears to have been damaged by current head coach, Virginijus Seskus, whose unwillingness to adapt put a strain on what was supposed to be a beautiful partnership. Now that this situation is put to rest, LaVar can now focus his attention towards his latest venture, which is the upstart JBA League.

During a recent exit interview with BC Vytautas, LaVar revealed what I speculated over a month ago, that LaMelo Ball would indeed be playing in the JBA, and be the face of the league.

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While speaking with Erikas Kirvelaitis, LaVar stated, “I have to think about Melo promoting my league (the JBA). I’ve been looking for a superstar, and I got him right in front of my face.”

This move is certainly the right move to get LaMelo back on track. Many times during their reality show, Ball in the Family, LaMelo hinted to the fact he would rather be back home in Los Angeles as opposed to being in Lithuania, and the idea of staying for two years didn’t appear to sit well with him.

However, LaVar noted during this interview that LaMelo helped him understand he doesn’t need extreme measures taken to be successful. “I’ve been looking for people to develop Melo, thinking, oh he’s gotta play overseas,” said LaVar. But Melo made me understand something that, ‘why don’t you just develop me like you did Zo and Gelo?'”

Not only that, but there’s a lot of value in a 16-year-old star and YouTube sensation. Seemingly anything LaMelo posts on social media gets instant attention, and according to LaVar, why wouldn’t he elevate his own son if given the opportunity?

LaVar elaborated by saying, “Everybody else got LeBron for the NBA…it gave me a look like, Melo brought eyes to Vytautas, so why couldn’t he do that for my league?”

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With LaMelo playing against players closer to his age, and still much more talented than what he would see in high school, this could for sure be a win-win for he and his father. While LaMelo will undoubtedly be the face of the league, that won’t stop his competitors from giving him their best night in and night out.

And according to LaVar, LaMelo has a lot more fight left and more to prove. “He told me, ‘I can play with anybody…it doesn’t matter…just make sure I’m stronger, faster, and ready for the NBA when it’s my turn to be drafted.'”

With LaMelo’s popularity growing by the day, he will make the JBA League must-see TV every time he is on. Get ready.

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