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LaVar Ball is Creating Opportunities with the JBA League


Elated. Emotional. Grateful. Blessed. These are just a few adjectives that describe the feelings of many of the new members of the JBA League. After speaking with many of them, and seeing it first-hand, each and every one of them feel as though a rebirth in some ways has been given to them by being a part of something they only dreamed of, and are largely indebted to one man — LaVar Ball.

When LaVar announced late last year his intentions to create this league, like many of his ideas, it was met with immense criticism and skepticism by many media members. Due to his brash and keep-it-real personality, he tends to rub many insecure analysts the wrong way, which in turn makes him an easy target.

“LaVar is a genius for creating a league that could potentially become the number one route to the NBA or other professional leagues.” – JBA League player

But if you ask the individuals who are benefiting from the creation of this league, they will tell you how much they appreciate and respect LaVar for giving them an opportunity to be professional basketball players.

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While the haters may point out the initial plans of the JBA were to go after the top recruits, LaVar quickly realized that was a dead-end due to the greedy and corrupt tendencies of many NCAA sponsored universities. It would have been easy to close up shop and forget about it — but LaVar decided to see this through and look for the diamonds in the rough who don’t get the same opportunities others may have had.

“I appreciate him a lot for giving everyone in this league a great opportunity to do big things in the future.” – JBA League player

The thing is, this is bigger than basketball. LaVar is teaching people that it is OK to create your own path and go against the grain — something he’s been doing for much of his life. Whether it’s bypassing the corrupt NCAA to play overseas and get paid, playing in the JBA League, or not settling for a cheap endorsement deal — LaVar is giving the blueprint for being a boss and having the right mindset to take ownership of your life and not be afraid to buck conventional wisdom.

LaVar Ball is not perfect. But he’s perfect for helping to break up a corrupt entity and in turn create opportunities for young people to do what they love.

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