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2018 NBA Season Prediction: Lonzo Ball Will Make the Lakers the Most Fun Team to Watch


If you’ve been tuning in to the 2018 NBA Playoffs, for the most part, they have not disappointed. While the NBA has virtually eliminated the “street” element of the game by dishing technical fouls for staring too long (among other things) — the uptempo, fast-paced component has long been a source for entertainment in basketball for years, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Enter Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers.

If you took a few moments out of your Saturday to watch UCLA play in college during the 2016-17 season, you saw quite possibly the fastest player with a basketball — at 6-foot-6 — in years. The wild and carefree style in which Lonzo plays is so unconventional, yet pure at the same time.

He’s the quintessential point guard. A pass-first, unselfish, team player who puts the stats aside in the name of getting the coveted “W”. This style is so eye-catching, one cannot help but pump the proverbial brakes to see just what No. 2 will do next.

This past season with the Lakers, we saw many flashes of this same style. While it was apparent at times that Lonzo was still getting his feet wet and learning his teammates, that same flash and breathtaking style-of-play reminded Lakers fans many times just why Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka drafted him second overall.

Like LaVar Ball, I too believed this team as constructed was good enough to make the playoffs. Every team needs a culture changer, and Lonzo is that, and much more. I made a very bold prediction last year that Lonzo would be a Top 10 player in the NBA by his third year. With him essentially doing everything but shoot, on an elite level in his first year, I feel even more confident in sticking to that proclamation.

So, what does all of this mean? Will the Lakers make the playoffs next year? Will Lonzo be All-Star caliber?

I’ll give an emphatic yes to both of those questions and double down even more and proclaim the Lakers may vie for an Western Conference Championship en route to an NBA Finals appearance.

All that sounds crazy right? Not really. Lonzo Ball is a generational talent. He’s a pure basketball savant who sees the game at a snails-like speed while others are watching Nascar.

I expect him to have a Ben Simmons-like second season. What I mean is, he’s going to get stronger, which builds more confidence. I expect him to score more on all three levels and settle less for 3-pointers. But more importantly, I expect him to bring the showtime Lakers back, and make them must-see TV every night.

There are only a handful of players capable of this. And at 20-years-old, Lonzo Ball will be the most exciting player to watch in the NBA for years to come. 2018, watch out.

Brandon Williams is the Editor in Chief for Fresh Sports TalkYou can follow him on Twitter @TalkinWithFresh, or “Like” him on Facebook.

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