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Possible New Changes to NCAA Rules Could be Great News for LaMelo Ball


In a news conference today in Indianapolis, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice — now part of the Commission of College Basketball — released a 60-page document seeking to change the way the NCAA operates as it relates to basketball. One of the proposed changes however, would directly benefit current BC Vytautas point guard, LaMelo Ball.

According to the report, the commission emphasized the need for elite players to have more options when choosing between college and professional basketball. Rice spoke with the Associated Press stating, “One-and-done has to go one way or another.”

It appears, at least going by the document, this committee wants to put the impetus on the NBA to change its stance on allowing elite players to enter the league out of high school, thus eliminating the one-year removed requirement, and being 19 years of age.

LaMelo, who is currently 16, is not eligible for the draft until 2020. The original plan by his father, LaVar, is to have all three of his sons play for the same NBA team, preferably the Los Angeles Lakers. With one currently in tow, that being rookie sensation Lonzo Ball — he needs the other two to complete the plan — and as quickly as possible.

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If this indeed causes a change by the NBA Players Association, we could see LaMelo in the draft as early as next year, when he would have turned 18 by the start of the season — and that being his original high school graduating year. With middle son, LiAngelo being slated as a probable draft pick for the Lakers this year, LaVar could manage to see all three sons drafted in consecutive draft classes.

For years, many have argued the injustices of essentially forcing kids to play college basketball, which has caused a severe dilution in the game with the insertion of one-and-done players.

While LaVar has seemingly circumvented the system with the creation of the JBA League, there is now more pressure than ever for the NBA to reconsider its model and adopt similar rules to Major League Baseball with allowing high school players to be draft eligible.

I fully expect a change to happen soon, and if it does, LaVar Ball will again be winning, and the Ball brothers will again be reunited — this time on a much bigger stage.

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