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Devin Mitchell Talks Looking Like Brandon Ingram and Making Dallas Ballers of the JBA League


During their quest for top talent for the JBA League, the search criteria may not have included dopplegangers — until now. The Dallas Ballers secured their roster on Saturday, and one of the members shares a striking resemblance to current Los Angeles Lakers star, Brandon Ingram.

Devin Mitchell, who hails from Rowlett High School, stands 6-feet-8, and around 190 pounds. His slender frame, and facial features are strikingly similar to Ingram’s, but it’s his game that LaVar Ball and the selection committee are hoping translates to the court. Devin took some time to speak with Fresh Sports Talk about his tryout, and his similarities to Ingram.

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Why did you decide to try out for the JBA League?

Devin Mitchell: I first heard about it on ESPN way back and I was interested then.

How was the atmosphere at the tryouts Saturday?

The atmosphere was basically eat, or get ate — simple as that.

What kind of game will you bring to the JBA League?

I will bring a different wave and show people scoring isn’t the only way to impact the game.

LaVar Ball receives a lot of flack for his personality. What do you think about him now after meeting him?

Personally, I think very high of laVar for doing this. All [the JBA League] does is create a platform where the kids that didn’t receive the recognition, get what they deserved.

The JBA League is requiring their players to wear Big Baller Brand gear. How do you feel about that?

Yes, we will be expected to wear their clothes, but shoes are up to our choice, which doesn’t bother me, their clothing is comfortable.

So will you wear your own shoes or BBB?

I’ll be mixing it up between BBB, Nike, and Adidas.


People are saying you look like Brandon Ingram from the Lakers, do you get that a lot?

Yes sir [laughs], Brandon Ingram is a name I hear a lot. I embrace it. I want my game to develop even more behind the perimeter than I already have right now.

What are your expectations for the Dallas team?

I made the Dallas team, but I think we have the best all-around talent so far.

How does it feel to be a professional basketball player now?

I still can’t believe I’m getting paid to play basketball. I’ve been talking about this since the fourth grade.

Devin has the right mentality, and if looking like Brandon Ingram is any indication of where he’s heading, his future is very bright.

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