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Jonathan Ogugua Talks Making Houston Ballers of the JBA League


Day two of the Texas recruiting trip for LaVar Ball and the JBA League has ended. The Houston Ballers are assembled, and Jonathan Ogugua couldn’t be happier to be a part of the squad. The 6-foot, 160 pound high school senior will forego his scholarship to Butler Community College, and opt for the pro route.

Jonathan spoke at length with Fresh Sports Talk about today and his plans moving forward in the JBA League.

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What went into your decision to try out for the JBA League?

Jonathan Ogugua: I decided to try out for the JBA League because I felt like it was a good opportunity for me and my family — and it’s a once in a lifetime type of thing.

Describe the atmosphere out there today.

The atmosphere was great today. They had good competition and everyone played hard.

What are you expecting to bring to the JBA League with your play?

Personally, what I think I can bring to the JBA League is a crafty playmaker that’s going to go out and try to win games.

What are your thoughts on LaVar Ball now after meeting him?

I feel like what LaVar Ball is doing is great as far as giving overlooked kids like me exposure and an amazing opportunity in life.


How do you feel about wearing Big Baller Brand?

I have no problem wearing the BBB gear, I will wear it all the time.

What are your expectations for the Houston Ballers compared to the other JBA League teams?

I feel like the Houston team is going to be overlooked in the JBA League because we’re young and we come from a football state. But we are going to compete at a high level and try to win ball games.

How does it feel being a professional basketball player now?

The feeling of knowing I’m a professional basketball player is a crazy feeling and a dream come true.

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