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Courtney Murrell Makes Dallas Ballers Team for LaVar Ball’s JBA League


Courtney Murrell has added his name to the list of players now a part of history in LaVar Ball’s newly formed JBA League. The stakes were certainly high as a reported 300 prospects showed up vying for one of the coveted spots on the Dallas Ballers roster.

For Courtney, who starred at Hebron High School where he averaged 18.8 points his senior year, he’s used to dealing with adversity, and even overcame some during the tryout yesterday. He spoke with Fresh Sports Talk about the experience.

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Why did you decide to tryout for the JBA League?

Courtney Murell: [To be honest] my friends told me about it — I had no idea that it was even in town and they just begged me to go — and told me what do I have to lose.

I heard it was crazy out there yesterday. Describe how the atmosphere was out there yesterday?

It was tough competition and I was told I was a “floater”, and that I needed to show them my true potential, so that’s exactly what I did. I took over for my team.

What will you personally bring to the JBA League?

I will personally bring my heart, dedication, and hard work to show everyone what I’ve worked so hard for. For many, many years, [I’ve been] overlooked.


How do you feel about LaVar and what he’s doing with creating this league?

I feel this is a super smart decision. Paying kids to do what they love everyday!

What are your thoughts on rocking Big Baller Brand gear while in the JBA League?

Me personally, I have no problem with rocking the BBB anywhere.

Describe the feeling of being a pro.

This feeling is unreal. I haven’t felt like this in years. I have been at a loss for words, and shook since I heard my name. It still hasn’t hit. All thanks to the man above — what a feeling it is.

This feeling Courtney describes is shared by many who never thought this would be a possibility. It almost didn’t happen for Courtney either, who was told he needed to step his game up if he wanted to make it to the next round. It’s clear the selection committee saw something in him and wanted to squeeze it out of him. ” I was just going with the flow of tha game, letting my teammates do stuff, and i didn’t take over like I should have,” said Courtney.

Well he did, and the 6-foot, 178 pound 18-year-old parlayed his way into an exclusive spot in a historic league.

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