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Cameron Massey Expects the Dallas Ballers to ‘Win it All’ in the JBA League


The Dallas Ballers of the JBA League had quite the turnout yesterday. For Cameron Massey, it was business as usual as he heard his name called for one of the final roster spots. Cameron, who attended Duncanville High School, is a 6-foot-2, 185 pound 18-year-old.

Like many others trying out, Cameron was slept on by college coaches as he did not receive any offers coming out of high school. He is grateful for an opportunity of a lifetime and spoke with Fresh Sports Talk more about the crazy day that was tryouts.

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Why did you decide to try out for the JBA League?

Cameron Massey: I decided to tryout for JBA League because I saw it as an opportunity for a lot of exposure, experience, and to develop my game for the next level.

Talk about the competitiveness out there yesterday with over 300 participants.

Yesterday was very competitive. Everyone played with a chip on their shoulder so it was pretty intense.

What do you believe you bring to the JBA League?

I think I will personally bring toughness, a competitive mindset, and the desire to want to be the best.

What are your thoughts about LaVar and his decision to create this league?

I feel that LaVar is doing a great thing with the league. [He’s] making another way for really good players to get exposure because they might not have been seen by the right coach or whatever the reason — but you still have a chance to take your career to a new level.


How do you feel about wearing Big Baller Brand gear in the JBA League?

To me it doesn’t matter what I wear or what they give me, I’m just blessed to be able to make the most out of an opportunity of a lifetime!

How do you expect the Dallas Ballers to compete versus the other teams in the JBA League?

I expect the Dallas team to win it all. We all are skilled, competitive, and have the mindset that we want to be the best.

Describe the feeling of now being a pro.

The feeling of being a pro is unbelievable. Growing up I always dreamed of being a pro, it’s one of my biggest goals and now God blessed me to become that.

Thousands of kids have dreams of playing professional basketball. For Cameron, he doesn’t have to dream anymore, he’s now a part of history — and pro (Big) baller too.

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