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Calvin Williams Talks Making Houston Ballers of the JBA League


One of the younger prospects so far to make a JBA League roster, Calvin Williams, at 17-years-old, is not letting that define him. At 5-foot-9 and 145 pounds, Calvin is used to overcoming obstacles and did so again after battling through a host of participants at the Houston JBA tryout.

As a senior at Klein Forest High School, Calvin averaged 14 points per game, but that wasn’t enough to receive offers from colleges. When he heard about the JBA League tryouts, it was an opportunity he could not pass up. He spoke more about the process with Fresh Sports Talk.

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Why did you decide to try out for the JBA League?

Calvin Williams: I decided to try out for the JBA League because I wanted an opportunity to play on a big stage of basketball. I always felt like I had the talent and work ethic to play on the biggest stage, and to have the opportunity to play was great.

What was the atmosphere like at the tryout today?

The atmosphere was great. It was a lot of competitors out there today. [There were] good scrimmages going on and hard competition. I liked the competition and fights and at the end my results came out very well.

What can fans expect to see from you in what you bring basketball wise?

What I am going to bring personally to the JBA League is my fast-playing basketball and the love of the game.

How do you feel about LaVar Ball and him creating the JBA League for players such as yourself?

LaVar did an awesome job creating this program. I like the fact that he knows there’s many underdogs and he’s giving many other people chances to play and make money for doing something we love to do — and that is to play basketball.


Are you ready to wear Big Baller Brand gear?

The BBB gear? I can’t wait to wear it I’m excited about it!

What are your expectations for this Houston team now that you’ve seen the roster?

I feel like the Houston team will be the strongest group out of all the other [teams] of the JBA league.

Describe the feeling of being a pro now.

The feeling of being a pro is a good feeling. I’m playing basketball professionally. It is great and at the age of 17, it’s a good feeling!

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