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According to JBA League Hopeful Jerell Springer, LaVar Ball is in for a Treat Should he make the Houston Team


LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand are not slowing down as the second weekend and the third city out of 8 will continue the JBA League tryouts in Dallas, Texas tomorrow. As for Jerell Springer, he will be locked and loaded on Sunday when LaVar rolls into H-Town to check out the city’s finest ballers.

Jerell, who played this past season for Planet Athlete in Las Vegas where he averaged 28 points, 7 rebounds, and four assists per game. He believes he has what it takes to be a part of history with the JBA League. He spoke with Fresh Sports Talk about his plans for the upcoming tryout.

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What went into your decision to tryout for the JBA League?

Jerell Springer: [I want] an opportunity to change me and my family’s life.

Do you think more athletes should consider this route rather than college ball?

It just depends if you’re really into school then [you] choose the school route. If you’re thinking about [NBA] or professional, just go here (the JBA), so you don’t have to stress yourself out about school.

What do you hope to bring to the JBA if you make it and what part of your game will you try to showcase Sunday at the tryout?

I hope to bring excitement, dunks, 3-pointers, smart IQ plays, and a whole lot of swagger. I want to showcase my smart IQ & show I’m a team, all-around player.

Are you down with wearing Big Baller Brand gear?

Yeah, I want to rep it bad so I can say ‘Get cha merch’.

Any words for LaVar?

I’m bringing Dunkin’ Donuts for boss every paycheck [laughs]. But I love that dude. He’s my idol, that’s one person I’d love to be around.

Jerell is like many who have tried out so far for the JBA League. Prior circumstances either prevented or slowed their progress to playing basketball at a higher level. For Jerell, who had previous offers from Weber State, Souther Utah, BYU, and interest from others, struggled with passing the ACT, which led him to the prep school route.

He’s hoping for a much bigger opportunity with the JBA League, and will give it his all. “I’m trying out Sunday, and I’m going to make it.” Confident words from a confident player. He’ll get his shot tomorrow.

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