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Add Reuben Foster to the List of NFL Players who Beat Women


Shocking, but not so shocking news broke today that former Alabama Crimson Tide All-American, and current San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Reuben Foster is a woman beater.

The Santa Clara County (Calif.) District Attorney’s Office announced in a press release Thursday that Foster has been charged with felony domestic violence stemming from an incident during the month of February.

According to the District Attorney’s report, Foster, “Dragged (the victim) her by her hair, physically threw her out of the house, and hit her in the head 8 to 10 times.” The latter reportedly ruptured the victim’s eardrum.

Reuben Foster has a problem. He clearly needs help as he has had one issue after another stemming from last year’s NFL Combine situation when he was sent home for acting disorderly towards a hospital worker. Not only that, he was arrested less than a month prior to this current charge for second-degree marijuana possession.

However, this issue is far worse. The NFL has had a history of domestic violence problems and for the most talented players, the punishment is typically a slap on the wrist while the victim’s have to live the rest of their lives in shame.

Foster doesn’t deserve to play football, and neither do any of the individuals who make beating women an off-field hobby. The NFL should concern themselves more with keeping players such as Foster out, who commit these crimes, rather than shunning those who are outspoken in their beliefs.

The NFL should act quickly and harshly. They’ve dropped the ball too many times in the past on this and cannot afford to screw up again. Foster has issues far greater of concern than football right now. He has exhausted his right to play and represent the shield of the NFL.

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