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Jordan Crawford is Rolling with LaVar and Lonzo Ball with Zo2 Prime Remix


Big Baller Brand mania first hit its wave over a year ago. It then hit a crescendo last May when Lonzo Ball unveiled his $495 Zo2 Prime signature shoes. Many people were in awe of not only the price tag, but the fact LaVar shunned the big shoe companies in favor of going independent. There were many critics, but also many supporters, one being fellow NBA veteran, Jordan Crawford who immediately copped him a pair.

His message was loud and clear, “I’m rolling [with] LaVar!”

Other than Lonzo, no other NBA player has donned the Zo2’s — until Crawford revealed them during a game against the Phoenix Suns as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans — a game in which he dropped 13 points — in 9 minutes.

Whether or not LaVar takes Jordan under the Big Baller Brand umbrella or not is to be determined. However, one thing appears to be for certain — Jordan Crawford is down with the brand, and is clearly a big baller.

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