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Ball in the Family is a Hit Reality Show for Facebook


It’s been just over a year since LaVar Ball entered the lives of millions of people. Since that time, it appears everything he touches turns into gold. Whether or not he truly has the Midas touch, one cannot argue the success he has had with his many ventures to date. This includes allowing the producers of Facebook to follow he and his family around to make arguably the best reality show out right now, Ball in the Family — and that’s no stretch of imagination.

If it hasn’t been quite clear yet, I am a supporter of LaVar and the Big Baller Brand movement. I have not met LaVar, or anyone associated with the family, but from afar, I like much of what he and they stand for. With that said, I still have a responsibility to be objective and show impartiality on subjects I cover. So, if the show was trash, this article would remain unwritten and never to be discussed for some time.

Fortunately for them, that is not the case.

What Ball in the Family gives us is a glimpse inside the lives of America’s and presumably, the world’s, fastest-growing reality show family. What has been most refreshing about this show, which is different from many, is the absence of a script. When LaVar was discussing the options for choosing Facebook, he made it clear he wanted it to be authentic. “It’s so genuine,” LaVar said. “Facebook has allowed us to be ourselves and capture the moment.” He also noted how they don’t have to generate fake content by having audiences “wait to throw a drink on my brother,” or other manufactured incidents for the purpose of ratings.

So far, the show has produced two seasons, with the second still on-going. They generate at least one million views per episode, and appear to be headed towards a third season after the completion of this one. As far as authenticity, producers have been able to capture some exciting, sad, funny, tough, and heartwarming inspirational moments. If you’re not up to date on Ball in the Family, check out their Facebook page. New episodes air every Sunday at 6:00 P.M. ET.

Makes sure you tune in. It’s unBALLievable.

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