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Tina Ball is an Inspiration for Individuals Overcoming Adversity


Over the past year, Big Baller Brand has grown leaps and bounds, much to the chagrin of critics who assumed this to be a fly-by-night venture. In large part, the triple B’s are synonymous with one man, the patriarch of the family, LaVar Ball. However, the lifeblood for this family and the brand, and ultimately the person who symbolizes their slogan — Built for This — is the matriarch, and co-founder, Tina Ball.

For those unaware, Tina suffered a massive stroke last year that threatened her life. It came during a time where everything was falling into place, i.e. national brand recognition of Big Baller Brand, Lonzo’s NBA Draft stock soaring, and deals of all sorts coming to the table.

Through it all, the family was able to band together and be there for Tina during a pivotal time for everyone. And Tina? All she did was showcase the grit, toughness, and spirit to tackle any obstacle in her path and the word “can’t” was not going to be a part of her vocabulary.

Tina was determined to overcome. She was determined to overcome the pitfalls and effects that come with a stroke: difficulty walking, speech loss, muscle weakness, etc. With the help and support of her husband, LaVar, and her parents, Robert and Noni, Tina is overcoming her stroke and doing it in a way that is inspirational and motivating to anyone dealing with adversity of any kind.

Take for instance the latest Ball in the Family episode. While shopping for outfits for the Lithuania, M.A.M.A. awards (similar to the Grammy’s), Tina fell out of her wheelchair. Moments such as this are not uncommon for individuals whose muscles are not at full strength, and the outcome can be discouraging and embarrassing. However, Tina, with assistance from her brother-in-law, LaValle, got right back up, and sat in her chair as if nothing happened. She figuratively brushed herself off, and kept it moving, showcasing her strength and the fight she has inside.

To top it all off, Tina, who was apprehensive of attending the award show due to having to walk the red carpet, as well as having tons of eyes on her, displayed immense courage to press forward in spite of not feeling like her normal self yet.

Unexpected occurrences happen every day. As a former college athlete, it’s possible the last thing Tina believed she would suffer was a stroke, which would take away her athleticism and coordination. There are many individuals who struggle with coping with adversity. Watching Tina go through life with a smile on her face and continuing to push forward gives courage and hope for so many others — more than she may ever know.

Towards the end of the episode, her mother emotionally stated, “[She] beat the odds, you have no idea how she has beat the odds.” Tina is the backbone of this family, and is proving every day she truly is built for this.

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