Consequences Should be in Order for Centralia High School’s Nathan Rempe for Dirty Play


For high school athletics, this time of the year is supposed to be one of the most exciting with basketball state playoffs happening across the country. For Centralia High School’s Nathan Rempe however, his world has been turned upside down — and for good reason — due to what may quite possibly be the dirtiest play ever seen on a basketball court.

In a semifinal game against Hanover High School, the moment appeared to be too big for Rempe after his team apparently gave up back-to-back dunks to Hanover, and Rempe was destined to not let the third time be the charm. On a fast break, video captured Rempe push Hanover player, Thomas Atkins in the back as he went up for a dunk. After the shove, Atkins flew in the air crashing against the goal post and lay on the floor for quite some time. Rempe, with what appeared to be zero remorse, walked the other way without taking the time to see if Atkins was OK after the ugly fall.

I’ve coached high school basketball. I’ve coached in big games in high school basketball and even some almost brawls. I’ve seen some ugly and dirty plays, but I’ve never seen this play with my eyes — ever. And what did Rempe receive for his behavior? A flagrant foul, and sent right back in the game. No ejection, and no real coaching discipline as evidenced by him allowed to play in the consolation game the next day (even though he didn’t start or play in the first quarter).

An example must be made out of Rempe. It’s by God’s grace Atkins is not critically injured due to the actions of Rempe. However, the fact that Atkins is OK does not excuse the behavior, nor does it free it from consequence.

Now, there are many people who are going to make this more than what it is. Some have already checked Rempe’s social media pages to learn more about his thought process and draw their own conclusions. I’m not going to do that. I believe he was frustrated, and made a boneheaded play in a tense game, which happens quite often. Whatever his personal beliefs or political views are, it’s not fair to use that against him. Judging this strictly on the surface is enough in this situation, and one that warrants a true consequence beyond the basketball court.

In addition to missing his school’s prom, and other school related activities, Rempe should be forced to complete community service as well as speak to an anger management counselor. People can take issue with this if they want, but it’s not OK to take action only when the other party suffers. It’s time for proactivity to take place and set a standard to prevent these actions from happening in the future.

These athletes are watching and waiting. They’re waiting to see what happens and what does not happen. If Rempe gets off free from consequences, what’s to stop this behavior from repeating itself?

How about this, check out the video below, and judge on your own. What do you think his consequence should be? Is this just a heat of the moment play? Or should more serious action be taken? Let’s just say I’m thankful I wasn’t the opposing coach.

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