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Big Baller Water is on its way to the United States Soon


In what could potentially be the biggest move LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand has made thus far, Big Baller Water is heading to the states soon per the triple B’s social media pages. In an announcement last month, the Big Baller stated a partnership with Birstonas Mineral Waters would send the purest water from overseas, back to the U.S. for American consumption.

At present time, there is not a price tag for the water, however, LaVar has stated this quality of water is at the very least on par with the likes of Evian, which retails for at least $20 per case. So far, nothing Big Baller Brand puts out comes on the cheap side, so don’t expect this to be your typical bottled water.

Take a look below at the packaging process as cases appear ready for shipment.

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