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Magic Johnson is Wrong about LaVar Relying on Lonzo for Success


For the Los Angeles Lakers, this season has had its share of theatrics to say the least, which is apropos for being entrenched in Tinseltown. Right smack dab in the center of this season’s drama is Lakers President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson, who doesn’t receive as much criticism as he should for helping to create some of it — as it pertains to rookie sensation — Lonzo Ball. If you ask analysts who cover the Lakers as well as the national talking heads, the blame likes to be cast upon the father of Lonzo, that being the never muzzled, LaVar Ball.

As a reminder, LaVar Ball is the owner of Big Baller Brand, an upstart apparel company looking to rival the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Underarmour. A man who has zero ties to the organization as an employee, yet is used as a scapegoat for any idiot willing to take that assertion seriously.

While discussing Lonzo and LaVar recently with USA TODAY, Magic expressed he has no ill-will towards the Big Baller, and suggested he understands just why LaVar is doing what he’s doing. “Everything LaVar wants to do depends on (Lonzo’s) success,’’ Johnson said. “No matter how we look at it. It all depends on his success. And we’re going to be a part of that, so that’s why I haven’t had a problem with him.”

There’s just one problem with Magic’s statement. This would have been fitting say — three or four months ago — but now, LaVar and Big Baller Brand have positioned themselves to move onward and upward in spite of whatever Lonzo does, or does not do on the court.

This error on Magic’s part is understandable though. LaVar has been minding his business in Lithuania for two months now, and since that time, he’s helped lift a struggling professional team in BC Vytautas out of financial obscurity, hosted two tournaments, became an assistant as well as head coach, and most importantly, partnered with a highly-respected bottled water company that will eventually yield him a fortune.

See, the thing is, Lonzo was the catalyst for Big Baller Brand’s success early on. If he flopped in the beginning, the desire to see the brand grow and be successful would have taken a huge hit. However, due to the many moves LaVar has made, which also includes a Facebook Watch reality show, Ball in the Family, Lonzo’s success is merely icing on the cake at this point.

So, while Magic may “understand”, he’s completely out-of-touch on this one. LaVar and Big Baller Brand have usurped any individual member looking to put the brand on the map — because it’s already there.

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