NFL Team Asking About Derrius Guice’s Sexuality is Everything that is Wrong with the NFL and American Football


Once again, the NFL is having to deal with a PR nightmare due to idiocy of its employees, which is in no way surprising. In a report from ProFootballTalk, Top 5 running back prospect, Derrius Guice was asked by an NFL team if he likes men. Now, I completely understand the investment these teams are making in terms of wanting to bring in the right player for their organization, however, when these questions clearly break laws, that’s where this culture, that is American football becomes a problem.

In the real world, if any normal employer dared to ask a question such as this, or even one that skirted on the rails of something such as this, there would be a lawsuit delivered by the time the question was even finished. This is wrong. This is unconstitutional, and something that the NFL has gotten away with for years due to the barbaric, caveman culture it has allowed to exist for years.

I have been an advocate for the NFL dissolving and being recreated by new owners who have an understanding of societal views. The overall ownership and executives have operated for years with the idea that these players move to the tune of their drum, instead of the players free to be individuals. See, the thing is, being a homosexual is not barbaric. It’s not manly, and it’s not what is considered American football. And anything that can be considered a deterrent from the narrative is not allowed or tolerated, which is why men who beat women are accepted over those who practice and advocate free speech, or those who may be gay.

This is a culture problem. This problem will not change because it is accepted not only by the people in power, but quietly accepted by the men inside the locker room. For grown men to feel so comfortable and empowered and have the gall to ask a question that is so out of bounds and unprofessional speaks volumes to the many issues the NFL has that need to be addressed.

This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now before more and more people fall out of love with the NFL, as the decline in ratings the past two years has already shown. Whoever the idiot who represents this team is needs to be outed as well as the organization itself. It’s time for a change, or the NFL will be no more much sooner than later.

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