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LeBron James Can be Better than Michael Jordan on One Condition According to LaVar Ball


Michael Jordan or LeBron James. The constant debate that comes up in barbershops, work lounge water coolers, and living rooms around the world is unending and may never be solved for as long as we live. However, According to LaVar Ball, there is one way, and one way only that this conversation may be laid to rest. The solution: Come to Los Angeles, join the Lakers and win a championship with his son, Lonzo Ball.

As the Big Baller put it, LeBron is a business man. He has already accomplished everything he set out to do in Cleveland. He brought a championship back to a city that was starving for over 50 years. Not only that, LeBron himself has publicly stated that he is chasing the “ghosts” of Jordan as even he knows what the rhetoric is said, and he ultimately wants his legacy to read at the very least on par with the man widely considered to be the greatest of all time.

LaVar on the other hand, during an interview with DELFI TV stated, “From a business standpoint…you done did everything in Cleveland. If [LeBron] win five more championships in Cleveland, who cares? You already won one for your town. You’ve been to the Finals too many times and not won enough to be considered better than Jordan.”

LeBron better than MJ? No way! Or maybe…

Now, for many people, it would not matter what LeBron does, or how many championships he wins. Taking the proverbial crown from the man who — in LaVar’s famous line — never lost in the Finals — is inconceivable for most to fathom. However, LaVar is not so sure about that. He went on to state his point and emphatically exclaimed the way that LeBron could overthrow MJ. “The only way he can be considered better than Jordan, is everywhere you went, you’ve won a championship. You went to Miami and won a championship, came back and went to Cleveland, and won a championship. Go to the Lakers, third team — win some championships — now you’re better than Jordan.”

Strong words. Does LaVar have a point? What do you think? If LeBron takes three teams to a championship (the Lakers being that team), will that make him better than Michael Jordan?

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