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LaVar Ball is Changing the Culture for BC Vytautas


It has been almost two months since the overseas experiment for LaVar Ball, LiAngelo and LaMelo has taken place, and so far the results have been better than anyone could have expected. While the success has not completely translated specifically to BC Vytautas, the team in which the Ball brothers play for, a shift is beginning to take place in part due to LaVar’s involvement.

Before the Ball family arrived to Prienai, the team had been struggling not just on the court, but financially as well. LaVar recognized a problem, and helped to provide a solution to remedy the constraints the team was having. With his generous donations, the extra exposure with LiAngelo and LaMelo for marketing — jersey sales, ticket sales, etc. — have all increased, which has assisted the struggling club dramatically in allowing them to pay off debts and even afford to acquire more players.

However, changing a culture is more than cleaning up money problems. This team had been losing, and losing badly. Vytautas began the season on an 0-9 slate, before having a brief turnaround in which they won the next four games. However, with injuries and other issues, the team again fell on hard times in the loss column with losing another 9 straight games. During that stretch, the addition of two teenage Americans had to be a difficult transition for these professionals to handle.

Even LaVar admitted that he understood how other players on the team may have felt with having his sons assert themselves into the lineup during the middle of the season, which subsequently took playing time away from veterans and others who have been there from the beginning. “Even though my boys are very talented, I understand how the other guys feel,” LaVar said. “I wouldn’t want no teenager coming over here taking my spot, and that’s what’s going on with [Tomas] Dimsa.”

LaVar went on to say how the team aired a lot of grievances and although they lost all three games in the tournament, they actually won, due to the camaraderie they built, and the understanding they have in how to play moving forward. “It’s good that we aired out a lot of our grievances, all the BS, we had to do that, so now it’ll be easier for Coach Ses[kus] to coach and do what he gonna do…we got some guys that can do some damage.”

The involvement that LaVar has moving forward is to be determined, but all eyes will be focused on the next game to see if LaVar’s proclamations will come true. “Sometimes you have to have some drastic stuff to happen in order for you to back up, so you can move forward,” LaVar said. “Now we’ll be able to move forward because all the cards are on the table. I let guys see the way they were cheering for other guys playing. That’s what’s changed. I’d rather have that and lose every game…I see the veteran guys picking up my boys and helping them…when the boys are not doing good, I see the guys helping them out now.”

With a clearer mindset and a better sense of team, Vytautas may be on their way to righting some wrongs and making a splash in the LKL for the remainder of the season.

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