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AJ McCarron to the Cleveland Browns Should have Happened A Long Time Ago


Recently, current Cincinnati Bengals quarterback and former Alabama Crimson Tide alumnus, AJ McCarron won his grievance against the Bengals, which allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent this year. The news was paramount as McCarron has long been considered a hot commodity for teams needing a signal caller, as the two-time national championship quarterback has impressed the Bengals coaching staff as well as scouts around the league.

For the past two years, yours truly has campaigned for the Cleveland Browns to acquire McCarron via trade being the addition of Hue Jackson as head coach made perfect sense with him serving as McCarron’s offensive coordinator and quarterback coach during his time on the Bengals coaching staff.

So, why hasn’t this acquisition happened yet? Well for starters, the Browns are an embarrassment of a franchise who don’t deserve to be associated with the NFL. Now, that’s not the fault of the fans or even the players, as they hold zero control over what happens — and the Dawg Pound just so happens to be one of the most loyal and proud fan bases in the league. However, the brain trust, or lack thereof, has failed miserably in recent years to figure out how to properly run a successful franchise despite given many opportunities.

I will refrain from listing all of the blunders they have made to prevent a headache, but specifically speaking on McCarron, the opportunity to secure him in a trade again presented itself this past season. However, in ways I still cannot comprehend, the deal was botched as someone from the Browns camp allegedly forgot to make the call to the league office (how Sway?).

Either way, as much as it would absolutely warm my heart to see McCarron get a shot as a starting quarterback (which he will), a part of me hopes he can avoid the train wreck of an organization the Browns have shown to be over the past decade (and more). Then again, seeing the impact McCarron can have on this dumpster-fire and watching him turn it around is a story worth playing out. McCarron is a natural leader, and one the Browns have been missing for years, especially one who has real talent at the quarterback position.

It remains to be seen whether McCarron could resurrect the Browns from the abyss in which they’ve slumbered for quite some time, but the opportunity for legend status is there should McCarron take his talents to Cleveland and bring glory back to a franchise looking for brighter days on the gridiron.

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