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Why NBA Free Agent Stars will come to Los Angeles to Play Specifically with Lonzo Ball


The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to vie for some big names in this summer’s upcoming free agency period. Names such as LeBron James and Paul George are two of the biggest major players that President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson and General Manager, Rob Pelinka are heavily expected to target immediately once the period is live. While L.A. itself is enough to sell these stars, the biggest draw will be current rookie and point guard, Lonzo Ball.

So far this season, Lonzo’s numbers are polarizing depending who you ask. For those who want to take a dig at his father, LaVar, they’ll immediately point out his terrible shooting numbers, which are not debatable. However, for those who have actually watched him play, the affect he has on the game and his ability to play at such a high level on the defensive end — and do so as a rookie — is what has Laker fans excited about his overall star potential. Not to mention over his last 11 games prior to this long 15-game injured stretch, Lonzo was averaging 13.8 PPG, 7.8 RPG, and 7 APG. His overall shooting numbers increased as well going from below 33 percent, to now over 40.

What is interesting about this is we’ve yet to see the full package from Lonzo as he’s been trying to put it all together bit by bit. What we do know is he plays the game at a speed very few can as well as pass the ball unlike many we have seen at the age of 19-20. The electricity he’s capable of generating is more than enough to convince current and future stars to join him along with the other young and talented Lakers core. Aside from James and George for this year, players such as Kawhi Leonard and Klay Thompson will be available in 2019, and are expected to be very high on Johnson’s wish list.

At some point very soon, Lonzo will be the best point guard in the NBA. If the other stars are smart, they’ll play with a guy who can take their games even further.

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