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LaVar Ball Could be Positioning Himself to Buy an NBA Team for all Three Sons to Play For


For anyone who has been keeping up with LaVar Ball and the fascinating story that has become his family and the business moves he’s been making, knows that he is known for speaking things into existence. Just yesterday, the news broke that LaVar will not allow his eldest son, Lonzo to resign with the Lakers if they do not take his other two sons, LiAngelo, and LaMelo by the time Lonzo’s rookie deal is up. He then stated that while his desire is for all three to play for the Lakers, he will go to any team willing to take all three boys no matter which team it is. While all of the talking heads have criticized these statements to no end, all LaVar did was plant the seed to get the conversation started, thus, putting all NBA teams on notice that a bigger plan may be in place should this one not come to fruition.

The plan? Well, the tea leaves are all adding up to what could possibly be an inevitable situation in the coming years. LaVar Ball is possibly plotting and planning to eventually own an NBA franchise to create his own Ball dynasty, and watch the entire sports world go into a frenzy.

We all know that LaVar loves to be in control of his own destiny. Whether it succeeds or fails, he does not operate by the norms of society, nor does he play by the rules set by the status quo. He’s a Rembrandt. A revolutionary way ahead of his time who blows caution to the wind all in the name of his beloved family.

The irony in all of this is that it is quite possible we may not have seen or heard as much from the Big Baller had Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour not laughed in his face when he originally sought out a co-branding partnership for $1 billion dollars. He very well may have been just fine with being the face of Big Baller Brand, a marketing machine, and allow the big wigs to do the rest of the work for him.

Now, and thanks to all three of them specifically, LaVar has been unleashed as he sees no end in sight to having complete and total control of his own destiny, and he is looking to bring his entire family along with him in the process. With deal after deal continuing to pile up for LaVar and Big Baller Brand, an NBA franchise in a few years is not beyond the realm of possibilities. He has not spoke it just yet, but things are certainly lining up that way. Stay tuned.

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