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LiAngelo Ball’s Signature Shoe Opens the Door for LaVar to Sign Current NBA Players to Big Baller Brand


LaVar Ball has been far too quiet overall for the past few weeks, but recently, he has dropped some gems that has given insight into the many moves he and Big Baller Brand are making soon. One of them is the revelation of middle son, LiAngelo, and the release of his long-awaited signature shoe. When asked previously about signing others for shoe deals, the Big Baller was always hesitant as his plan was to “take care of my boys first,” before bringing anyone else under the triple B umbrella. Now that LiAngelo is set, all three boys will have their own shoe, and if LaVar chooses, can set his eyes on other athletes to expand the brand even further.

We have seen countless athletes show their support for the Big Baller Brand and have even purchased the shoes despite the hefty price tag. Being a part of something revolutionary and fresh has an appeal of its own that so many athletes would love to join if given the opportunity.

Whether or not this is part of the plan, the avenue is now open to at least consider it. LaVar has shown to be very particular in who he allows inside of his circle, and while the line may be long for athletes wanting in on the conglomerate, only time will tell as to who the next person could be. Whoever it is, will certainly be Big Baller Brand material though.

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