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LaVar Ball in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game Would be Epic


NBA All-Star weekend kicks off this Friday in Los Angeles and the stars will all be out for festivities and parties galore. However, at 7:00 PM EST, the Celebrity All-Star Game will commence, and at present time, LaVar Ball is not on either roster. For me personally, I cannot remember the last time I cared enough to tune into the celebrity game, being that it usually consists of B/C-list entertainers and washed up former players. With this being in Los Angeles, it is imperative the NBA plays to the “showtime” and Hollywood atmosphere L.A. is known for. And who other than LaVar can create this amount of hype for a game most people could care less to watch.

As things stand currently, debate show after debate show has been talking about LaVar nonstop today due to the comments he made about his son Lonzo not resigning with the Lakers, should they not take his other two sons. With everything else that could be a topic of conversation, the Big Baller himself continues to reign in more and more free publicity at his disposal.

With this kind of polarizing effect, the Celebrity All-Star Game would instantly be must-see TV and would give NBA fans exactly what they would want. Pure entertainment, and that’s exactly what LaVar Ball can bring.

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