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Don’t Get it Confused, Prospects are Very Interested in LaVar Ball’s JBA League


LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand are making moves in silence as they look to jump start the JBA League this summer. However, their selection process was made public recently when Tipton Edits revealed many committed top NCAA prospects who were contacted by the social media account of the JBA League. Not only that, Alan Foster was recently spotted in North Carolina to pitch the league to UNC Tarheels commit Coby White. While all prospects thus far have turned down the offer, there is plenty of reason to believe that many are chomping at the bit to see just what the Big Baller has up his sleeves with this league.

While many on social media as well as media outlets had their laughs at LaVar’s expense, what they failed to mention is that all of these recruits are well into their senior years and making a last minute change is not expected by anyone associated with the league. LaVar however, is a master strategist. The plan more than likely is to create the buzz and generate the conversation and allow these top players to be the seed to plant in the heads for future young stars. If this is the case — which I highly suspect — mission accomplished.

If you ask many other analysts, they’ll tell you they do not expect this league to get off the ground. However, as I wrote just last month, the Big Baller Brand Challenge Games are the blueprint for the JBA League. I fully expect a partnership deal with Ballislife to stream the games on Facebook to continue as we’ve already seen the huge success in viewership they have received.

LaVar knows the sports world is watching and waiting. Even when you think he’s ready to throw in the cards, he always has an ace up his sleeve.

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