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Coach Seskus Needs to Loosen up and Start LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball


For anyone who has played competitive sports for some time, the longer the coach has been in their position, it is easy to become stuck in one’s ways and resist conformity. For Ball brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, it appears they are the recipients of this as their new coach, Virginijus Seskus is struggling with a tough decision to start two teenage prodigies over seasoned professionals — which is something that is unheard of in Europe — and professional basketball altogether.

While it is understandable as to why Coach Seskus would feel this way, the rationale is that of an old school mindset many coaches struggle with when new breeds and new times come rolling in. Think about it. Many of us have parents or grandparents who scoff at the notion of upgrading to new technologies. Take for instance our current cell phones. There are still plenty of elderly folks who would rather stick with their flip phones, than try their hands at a modern day smart phone.

This holds true to Seskus and the Ball brothers.

Just last week, tensions grew high when LaVar Ball believed his trust was betrayed when Coach Seskus started two players, one in newly signed Rashaun Broadus, and the other in Tomas Dimsa, whom LaVar mistakenly took for Martynas Linkevicius, who apparently missed a week of practice after dealing with an injury/illness. After feeling his sons have done everything required of them along with attending the two-a-day practices, seeing a player who just joined the team as well as a player who he believed had not practiced get the starting nods over LiAngelo and LaMelo, caused LaVar to lash out, and do so quite harshly.

I personally could not blame LaVar for his feelings as it has been quite evident both LiAngelo and LaMelo add substantial value to a team desperately in need of depth and scoring, and both players provide plenty of the latter, and do so in exciting fashion.

However, the change part is not easy. Seskus has been coaching for 10 years, and the injection of two American teens into a full fledged LKL atmosphere is something he’s never experienced before. How does one deal with the pressure of playing players who are not of legal age to consume alcohol? Has his time passed him by to the point he needs to allow another coach, primarily one who is willing to conform to the new-age in which the Big Baller Brand culture brings?

Who knows.

What we do know is that BC Vytautas is struggling to win. They have been plagued with injuries, primarily to their frontcourt, and the 9-game losing streak is beginning to take its toll. Change is always difficult, especially if you are used to a certain way of life. The Ball brothers represent change. And if a new era is being ushered in on Seskus’ watch, it is up to him to embrace it, or step aside and let the next man lead.

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