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The Lakers Will be Very Fun to Watch When Lonzo Ball Returns to the Lineup


The Los Angeles Lakers have enjoyed some success on the hardwood of late even in the absence of their star rookie point guard Lonzo Ball. When it appeared they could not walk and chew gum at the same time without Ball’s presence, they have picked up the proverbial pace and have played much better lately, to the tune of winning 7 of their last 10 games. Much of this could be credited to Lonzo’s father, LaVar, when he stated the team appeared a bit off, and not all-in with current head coach Luke Walton. The best news about this is that Lonzo will return soon, and his presence alone will make this team even better.

For those who’ve covered Lonzo, his calling card has always been the ability to elevate those around him.  The issues this team had to start the year were internal, with many players wanting bigger roles and answers to questions. None of this was in the control of Lonzo, who was trying to find his way as a rookie with the pressure of a 10-ton boulder on his still growing shoulders — largely heaped on by President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson. His shot couldn’t hit a bull in backside with a two-by-four, and media haters were having a field day to say the least.

Now, he’s gotten much more comfortable, and it appears his teammates have as well. The comfort level is so important due to Lonzo’s nature of being a team player and just doing what it takes to win. Unlike his idol, LeBron James, Lonzo can be missed with the nonsense and would rather keep his head down and play basketball. With a much lighter and free flowing locker room, Lonzo can come right back and do what he does best — distribute the ball and make everyone happy.

If Magic Johnson was looking to recreate showtime in his return, we all may see it much sooner than later. ZoTime is about to be upon us all.

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