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LaMelo Ball’s NBA Superstar Potential is Evident


On yesterday, BC Vytautas faced off against BC Zalgiris, who is the top team in the LKL as well as ranked No. 6 in the Euroleague. The significance of this match up was the test of all tests for the Ball brothers, particularly LaMelo Ball as he was up against highly talented professionals, including those with NBA experience. And for LaMelo, he passed the test with flying colors.

Let’s keep in mind that LaMelo is 16 years old. He’s supposed to be a junior in high school for Chino Hills. Instead, he’s playing against bigger, stronger, faster, and much more talented competition than he would have seen all season long had he stayed home. What I saw with my very two eyes yesterday was a supremely confident kid go toe-to-toe with one of the best teams in the world and do so as if it was just another game. For his efforts, LaMelo finished with 19 points, six assists, and wowed the crowd by knocking down four-straight 3-pointers, including two from well past 30 feet.

What makes this so compelling is that LaMelo has yet to finish growing. He’s currently 6-foot-5, and maybe weighs 155 pounds. He’s likely to grow at minimum two more inches, and put on at least 30 more pounds before he hits an NBA training camp.

Imagine the potential of a player whose ball-handling skills are as advanced as some of the best professionals. The court vision and passing abilities he has displayed boggle the minds of many analysts who saw him only as the 92-point, cherry-picking, (only 27 points were cherries) greenest of green light shooters in the country type of player. Not only this, but the Steph Curry-esque range (and confidence) he exhibits is not to be underestimated. There is no spot on the floor he cannot shoot from, nor does he not believe he can make.

There are however, still questions about his defense — but who cares. The kid is just that, a kid. He will get stronger and wiser and learn how to play proper defense in a professional atmosphere. What he has shown is the IQ, length, and quickness to one day be elite, just as his brother, Lonzo has as a rookie.

The Ball era may have gotten underway with Lonzo last year, but we’ve seen nothing yet until this kid grows into a man. He may very well be the best of them all. Only time will tell.

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