Baker Mayfield is the Best Quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is heating up as the 2017 college football season has ended. Every year, analysts, prognosticators, and pundits put out their predictions and lists of who the top eligible prospects are for April’s draft. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. is widely regarded as one of the top go-to draft experts and he revealed his initial mock draft today. Sitting atop the draft, he has Josh Allen of Wyoming going to the Cleveland Browns. As for the real number one quarterback, Baker Mayfield is slated to fall to the Washington Redskins at No. 13.

Now, for Mayfield, he could possibly be jumping for joy in avoiding the abyss, which is the Browns, but in terms of sheer competitiveness and pride, he has to be steaming knowing Kiper once again got it wrong. I’ll be honest, I have not seen a ton of film on Allen, but I’ve seen enough on Mayfield to know that he’s the guy I’d want to play with and lead my team each Sunday.

When you look at his stats alone, Mayfield takes the cake. He passed for 4,627 yards, 43 TD’s, and an unbelievable 70.5 completion percentage. However, the stats are just the proof of the entire body of work.

The leadership — save for a few off-field and sideline episodes — is unquestioned. The intensity and passion is rivaled by the likes of Tom Brady. The lame weaknesses experts point out may hinge on his lack of elite height (he’s listed at 6-foot-1) and the on-field exploits he exhibited this year (which I happened to appreciate actually).

Either way, this is very early in the process. Mayfield will go through the NFL Combine and Pro Day like everyone else and regardless of his performance, the hours of film that exists is all any NFL GM will need to know what darn near every Heisman voter already knew:

Baker Mayfield is the best player and quarterback.

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