LeBron James Will Not Win a NBA Championship with this Cavs Roster


The Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to become a joke. I really hate to say that, mainly because I’ve picked them to win the NBA Finals the past three straight years, however, those Cavs teams had more of an identity to them — save for last season. For instance, what the Cavs lacked in offensive production in some nights, they made up for it with stellar defensive play. During the 2014-15 season, the Cavs were one of the league leaders in defense, and followed that up the next year by having dominating performances particularly in the playoffs. Their best player — and unquestioned leader — LeBron James is going to have to come to the realization that he won’t make it back to the Finals, or even win with what he’s working with now.

I stated months ago that the Cavs needed to make a trade. By acquiring the Brooklyn Nets’ first round pick via the Kyrie Irving trade, that alone was enough to pique the interest of teams looking for the next prized rookie to build their franchise around, and in exchange give the Cavs star talent in return.

Personally, I expected the Cavs to reach out to the Pelicans and snag Anthony Davis for the Nets pick along with maybe Tristan Thompson and another player. Maybe all of this is just an overreaction to the absolute abomination of a performance last night against the Toronto Raptors in which the Cavs got waxed all night long 133-99, but probably not.

Whatever needs to happen needs to happen fast. Yes, LeBron is still the best player in the league, and we’ve seen the Cavs turn things around when the time was necessary. However, unless moves are made, LeBron will either lose his sixth Finals, or be going fishing this year — and possibly proving LaVar Ball’s proclamation true by joining Lonzo Ball with the Lakers. Only time will tell.

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