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Alabama Will Beat Georgia in the College Football Playoff Championship


Pull up a seat and grab your daily dose of proverbial rat poison. When the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs square off on Monday night, there will be a moment when the Bulldogs will feel as though there is an actual chance to beat the Tide. That moment will last about as long as it takes Nick Saban to blow a head gasket, which usually takes all of five minutes into a game. From that moment on, the Bulldogs will realize quickly that the chances of winning this game just simply do not exist.

Forget the fact that Saban is undefeated against his former assistants. It really doesn’t matter that Kirby Smart is in his second season as head coach of the Bulldogs. What matters is that Saban is the greatest at planning for a game and exploiting the weaknesses of the opposing team.

Case in point: Jake (from state) Fromm. For all intents and purposes, Fromm has done a marvelous job this season with leading the Bulldogs to the championship with steady play, which he did very well against the Oklahoma Sooners in the semi-finals. However, Alabama is not Oklahoma, and Saban is not Lincoln Riley.

Saban is going to take away every single comfort zone Fromm has and disguise coverages all night long forcing Fromm to make plays downfield. No disrespect to Fromm at all, but there are only certain types of quarterbacks that Saban fears, and Fromm is not one of them.

Here are a few of the guys that have given Saban absolute nightmares: Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, and Deshaun Watson. In case you haven’t figured out the common denominator in what makes these guys so dangerous — they all had the capability of beating you with their legs just as well as their arm. ¬†Fromm’s 94 yards on 48 carries won’t be enough to strike fear in the hearts of Saban, nor the Alabama players. Not to mention three out of the four were Heisman winners (one an NFL MVP to boot) as well.

To be honest, this game is served to Alabama on a platter. This is about as easy as a matchup since the Tide plastered Notre Dame in 2012. Oh yeah, don’t let Saban fool you. He loves the “rat poison”. He needs any and everything to motivate his team, and when analysts and pundits are doing everything but handing over the national championship trophy, you can almost hear Saban screaming on the practice field, “Hey! Why do we even need to play the game?! They’re already giving you the trophy! Is that what y’all think?! Let’s just shut practice down right now and go home!”

Be that as it may, this game won’t be close. Fromm will be on the run all night long and I expect the Alabama defense (provided it doesn’t get hit with the injury bug during the game) to cause a bevy of turnovers and defensive scores. The Tide will win their 17th national championship, and the trophy will return back to its rightful place.

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