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Magic Johnson is Partly to Blame for Lakers Struggles


As previously mentioned, the Los Angeles Lakers are terrible right now. That’s not an understatement, that’s a pure fact. And while I’ve been on the record with my displeasure for how Luke Walton has utilized this roster, I’ve also stated he has not been given the right pieces to work with — and that falls on Lakers President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson.

Since this summer, Magic Johnson has been leading the charge and making his rounds promoting this Lakers team hoping to land quality free agents in the offseason. However, it started to appear that while 2018 was a huge priority, the 2017-18 season was nothing more than afterthought of sorts.

Take for instance the current roster assembled. Walton aspires to run an uptempo, fast-paced system that maximizes rookie Lonzo Ball’s greatest attributes. However, with a team full of shoot-first (and not very well I might add) and oftentimes, selfish players — it minimizes the affect Lonzo can have on a team.

Not only this, Magic allowed Walton to sit Lonzo in fourth quarters, which had to have killed his confidence, no matter how much he (Lonzo) stated his objective is to win the game. Why is this Magic’s fault? Simple. During his introductory press conference, Magic all but prophesied Lonzo’s jersey being among the Laker greats in the rafters. For as much criticism as his father LaVar has received for heaping undue pressure on Lonzo, it was Magic who did that and more with his statements.

And again, the lack of players around Lonzo to make the team better has to fall solely at the feet of arguably the greatest Laker ever.

The silver lining in all of this is that Lonzo is expected to finally return tomorrow night. My thought is that after seeing how disastrous this team has looked in his absence, it will give not only Lonzo the confidence to play even better, but the entire organization to see how special of a player he is and see to it they begin seriously trying to build this team around him.

Overall, I believe in Magic. He understands the culture better than anyone and while he’s new to all of this, he has a great business acumen and understanding of how to be successful. Therefore, I fully expect things to be much different the second half of the season.

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