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Check Out What LaVar Ball Looked Like Back in the Day


In case you didn’t know, LaVar Ball talks a lot of trash. He’s made some very newsworthy (even headlines) comments such as beating Michael Jordan one-on-one and being a better tight end than Rob Gronkowski in his “heyday”.

Not only that, he has made mention of his physical attributes, which consisted of him being 6’6″, 270 [lbs], benching 500 pounds, with a 48-inch vertical. Now, seeing the abilities of his three talented offspring, none of this was not within the realm of possibility, but for some, and considering his already outlandish claims — it gave reason to speculate whether any of this could have been true.

What some fail to realize though is that LaVar had to have been a very talented athlete to play Division I basketball as well as play in the NFL — albeit the practice squad — with very limited football experience.

Take a look at a picture posted to their Facebook reality show page. LaVar may not have been able to beat Jordan one-on-one, but he definitely looks as though he’d give him a good run. Judge for yourself.

LaVar Ball College Fresh Sports Talk

In a photo posted on the “Ball in the Family” Facebook page, LaVar Ball appears to be everything he claimed he was back in his “heyday”.

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