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Lonzo Ball Will Light it up When he Returns to the Lakers Starting Lineup


The Los Angeles Lakers announced yesterday that Lonzo Ball was cleared to practice since injuring his left shoulder against the Portland Trailblazers on December 23rd. Since that time, the Lakers, who were already struggling for wins, have lost five straight, and done so in overall abysmal fashion.

Fear not though, Lonzo is set to return soon, more than likely tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and when he does, I fully expect him to ignite this team and get them back to winning games.

The reason for this is actually a blessing in disguise in the form of the injury. You see, many talking heads (who are clueless about the actual game of basketball) actually thought Lonzo was hurting the team or better yet, a bust due to his poor shooting. Never mind that with him running the show the Lakers lead the NBA in pace, he’s had two triple doubles (one in which he set the record for youngest to do so), and is leading the team in both rebounds (7.0) and assists (7.1). Oh, did I mention he’s averaging 1.0 blocks per game and 1.4 steals? Yeah, that’s nothing.

Be that as it may, the demeanor that Lonzo possesses is one of unselfishness and not wanting to harm the team. We saw this early on in the season when it appeared he felt more comfortable passing the ball a little too quickly in the half court instead of attacking and creating as a point guard should. This also attributed to his god-awful shooting where he looked timid and lacked confidence.

However, as he began to figure a few things out i.e. being more aggressive, his points and shooting percentages went up. While the Lakers were still not winning, they have been in every game down the wire and in exciting fashion.

Seeing how poorly his team played in his absence will further boost Lonzo’s confidence in him knowing that he is a catalyst to their success. I expect him to play even more freely and with more confidence and do what he’s done his entire life.


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