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LaVar Ball is Changing the Game with LaMelo’s Homeschooling


LaVar Ball is a revolutionary.

I know some folks don’t like him due to not understanding his methods and that’s fine, but this could be a game changer for the major sports. His decision to remove his third and final Ball boy, LaMelo from Chino Hills High School was heavily scrutinized and ridiculed by many media members across the board.

However, individualized sports have been doing this for years. Now, sports such as hockey and soccer have followed suit with choosing to homeschool their children while they focus on their sports endeavors. Now, imagine if top-level football players i.e. Dylan Moses at Alabama — who was offered scholarships in 8th grade — decided to forego high school after their 10th grade year to save their bodies and prepare for college. Same thing like what we’re seeing with Lamelo in basketball. For sure top-10 high school talents foregoing high school ball to train for the bigger picture.

Could this spell doom for the NCAA?

As much as I enjoy watching these guys play college ball, if LaVar Ball is the catalyst for revolutionizing the NCAA and making sure that they actually PAY these guys for exploiting them, y’all can’t say anything about him again. Ever.

Personally, it makes zero sense for a freshman All-American, for certain top NFL pick to risk two more years playing football when they can save their bodies for playing in the NFL. Like seriously, did anyone NOT think Julio Jones wouldn’t be a top pick after his freshman year? Come on. It’s about to happen. Same premise for college (projected top-10 pick) basketball players.

Down with the NCAA and its corrupt tactics. They will eventually be forced to change or the product will start sucking — badly.

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